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So a product that is versatile and easy to clean sounds great, right? But the benefits don’t stop here. This product is also very durable and can stand up to the even the toughest tests of a busy place like a shopping center or a hotel. Also if you have pets or small children, this product can handle play time with no problem. Moreover is so pleasant at walking above and warm if you walk barefoot.

The advantages to choosing VINYLSTEP are virtually endless. This is a product that you have to see to believe. Browse our selection of resilient vinyl styles today for design inspiration, or stop by your local retailer and feel it for yourself.

VINYLSTEP can be installed almost anywhere in your hotel, in your offices or boutique, also at home… Easily cut with a cutter, that means clean and dust free installation. Resistant to water, mildew and stains. Liquids stay on the surface and are easily wiped away, so spills are not a problem with resilient flooring. And while we are on the subject of cleaning, it’s easy as apple pie! Simply sweep or use the Dr.Schutz PU cleaner, and wipe with a clean white cloth. What could be easier than that?

Micro Ceramic

Micro Ceramic technology is the wear resistance function on the surface of floor to preserve visual appearance.

Nano Silver

Nano Silver Technology enables you to keep your floor clean and safe with anti-bacteria function.


Vinylstep is a 100% Water resistant product.

Class 23-43

Class 23 Domestic Heavy | Class 43 Industrial General

Anti Slip Category

The higher the rating, the more a plank may be considered anti-slip. Generally, R10 is the accepted minimum for use of a tile in public areas.


According to EN 13501-1 gets the maximum classification to fire Bfl. According to ONORM B3800 gets S1 classification to smoke.

Click Valinge

Easy installation, no need of extra professioanl works with Click system. Fiberglass sheet is inserted in click products to keep dimensional stability by preventing shrinkage & expansion on floorings.


Since 2007, to resilient, textile and laminate floor covering (EN 14041)


Incredibly durable, silent and easy to install, VINYLSTEP flooring is the ideal solution to most parts of your home, for comprehensive reforms, all hotels floor covering (rooms, bathrooms, restaurants and common areas)


Our specialists in commercial flooring, will be pleased to help you to find the perfect solution for the specific needs of your project.